The Shenzhou

In 10 of January of 2001 the Shenzhou-2 ship went up to the space, also without members of the crew. The capsule took to the orbit of the Land some experimental scientific projects, as well as animal and vegetal guineapigs. To the end of the mission the ship also landed in the Interior Monglia. In 25 of March of 2002 the Shenzhou-3 ship was launched, also without members of the crew, but of this time with a doll with the same weight of an adult human being. The ship gave 108 returns around the Land and returned the same in day 1 of April, settling in local that the previous ones. The Shenzhou-4, in turn, it went up to the space in 30 of December of 2002 and returned successfully to the Land.

As its predecessor, this ship also lead a doll with the weight of an adult human being, beyond automatized scientific experiences. According to China the ship possua technology enough to send a man to the space and to bring it in return to the Land in security (CNSA, 2010). A time having carried through all the tests in its Shenzhou capsule, was fond the hour to send a man to the space. In day 15 of October of 2003 China impressed the world when announcing the launching of its Shenzhou-5 ship (DISCOVERY, 2010). The 38 years of age, married and father of a son, lieutenant-colonel Yang Liwei, only member of the crew of the ship, became the first Chinese in the space. With the mission China became the third country to send a man to the space, 42 years after the Russian Iuri Gagarin to become the first man to carry through a space flight. The mission of the Shenzhou-5 was 236 manned space flight of History and its launching, of the Space center of Jiuquan, greatly was ovacionado for the Chinese press, having been folloied in the place for president Hu Jintao.

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