The Spiritual Friend Waiting For Advice – And You?

Spirituality beyond angels and incenses spirituality a Word, often used, often misunderstood and abused mercilessly by churches and Esoterics. Terms such as spiritual director, ghosts, Angels, Channelings and what else all esoteric mass market there is, are associated incorrectly so. Also spirituality for most people is still a negative touch and yet: just a real blessing can be really understood spirituality at the present time. Even more:, Spirituality can even help to solve the most urgent problems of humanity. Not for nothing this term in all walks of life appears more and more often, more and more people turn to spirituality or spiritual discussions. Even in the economy, a strong trend towards more spirituality is to feel.

But now what does spirituality mean? What can I imagine under spirituality or a spiritual counseling? Spirituality means all detached Theories or spiritual paths of any kind – the way to go inside, to discover his “own” self, which is detached from any notion this or that to be detached from the idea a person or a body with a specific story to be. The part of us that is just pure love, basically. Love that is easy, can you not search or find but can be seen again, because she was always already there all the time. We have overlooked it only because we looked it always (on the outside). This “pure love” from which everything emerges, has many names, some call it God, other energy or “everything is” and yet all describe the same thing.

Names and words here literally are smoke and mirrors. Spiritual counseling has so nothing to do with angels or any spirit Channelings or so-called “personal soul guides” or anything else on the market. These things may have all of their permission, but they draw in my experience only by essentially AB. They are at best a detour to the self. So why should we go this detour, if we can just turn to the boss? With him, we find that what we have actually always wanted: God (or “A”, the love, the “we all connecting) IN us. This love of our Urgrundes is up again aware, is an inner peace which no longer leaves a, which shines through with us and shine the “world” in a new light. Finally found the true soul mate, what we’re looking for. It is the spiritual advice therefore to find their way back inside and to clear all obstacles along this path out of the way so that our light and our very own visions can shine again. Want to go this way too, find their selves and their visions, and indeed (it) live? If you are interested: just visit my website: and contact us. I look forward with sensitive and personal advice on this exciting and wonderful way to accompany. Thomas A. Hein

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