Theoretical Language

Likewise, we hold in mind a very big job, before you say a phrase. Depending on the experience quicker to understand configuration of speech in different people varies. For example, a university teacher, it may be high, because he has to constantly use a foreign language. Students who need a foreign language to at examination to read and translate a sentence or two, speed can not exceed, and five words per minute. Yet for all its flaws structural method has indisputable advantage – it is a serious consideration. If a person thoroughly treated to understanding grammar rules, a foreign language for a long time does not erode in his mind, even if he did not use it. And if ten years later this man would decide to resume classes, the entire stock of knowledge very quickly and easily restored.

Now, let's define an alternative approach to learn a foreign language. Once upon a very long time with me at university studying a curious fellow who English mastered by captions in American movies. He watched a movie, pulling words from the suggestions and looked for them in the dictionary. And he was so fascinated by this process, a couple of years has reached a good level for university entrance. Second, my friend learned English from books with translation. Likely, similar examples are many, but all the defendants in this case relates that they use in learning a foreign language constructive approach, whose essence is assimilation is not the language system, and specific cases of its use.

These heroes of feature films – is a particular case of constructive language, printed text books – it as a special case of language use. Functional approach – a real alternative to the structural approach, though not without its negative aspects. In particular, we can very quickly pick up some phrases and expressions, but it's very easy to forget them, because under them will not be principled basis in the form of an understanding of grammar. But all the disadvantages pale in front of one advantage of the functional approach – the study of contemporary living language, not Theoretical boring set of rules. Movies, books, radio broadcasts – it's really a valid language! You can ask a reasonable question – what approach to choose? How best to learn a foreign language? I am convinced that Truth is always in the middle. We are in the classroom is necessary to mix elements of structural and functional techniques. Thus, you build up a structural-functional method for learning a foreign language.

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