This Trick

Such unfortunate circumstances resulting from an ineffective communication of information. Taking such abuses and adds now the damage caused by incorrectly guided discussions and negotiations, it is clear that actually sums lost the economy alone because recklessly dealt with the language. And especially in times of a poor economic situation, it would be only reasonable to focus on the untapped potential. Sometimes the fear to the workplace increases but only the unwillingness to communicate. “Never write something, don’t say anything, give no information on do everything myself!” This Trick”should actually help to strengthen their own position in the companies. Poor communication resulting not only from pure carelessness, she can almost deliberately come into play particularly in negotiations this has become almost the method. You can manipulate words and manipulate others with words.

Both are possible with rhetorical skills. A really accomplished orator wants to share but precise information and convince with arguments and insert just not manipulative tricks. This is not just a matter of good style, but has also a very pragmatic reason, the former American President (and brilliant orator) very aptly put Abraham Lincoln: “you can fool the people for some time; You can deceive even some people all the time; You can fool all the time but not all the people.” This way set goes to the heart of a sustainably effective rhetoric. Precisely the point. Should the preoccupation with the subject of rhetoric encourage to employ rhetorical means consciously and in the sense of a fair and partner-oriented communication. This sustainable dialogue and negotiation successes can be achieved even in really sticky situations or when your interlocutors want to trap them.

Because with a mindfulness of the rhetorical principles also are able to expose any strategy of your opponent. This involves not rhetorically to defeat the others the goal is a partnership-based interviewing, which takes into account the interests of both sides. It is absolutely not contradictory to illustrate their own objectives consistently and to achieving. The advantage of a partner-oriented communication is that you free effectively reach their own goals of friction losses, without having it it necessary to act at the expense of the interlocutor. A partner-oriented communication basically implies a conscious dealing with language. And if you look closely, right further arise Effects of no less momentous. So, we work how language affects our thinking, with the language on other people? The language (in their entirety considered, so including the non-verbal elements) is the most important factor for our personal charisma. Naked, with hands tied and speechless this is nothing less than a real nightmare scenario.

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