Twitter Arguments

But now not fortified it, but the great opportunity that have the candidates of the opposition, to communicate intelligently with those people who say wanting to and represent. And the extraordinary opportunity that this can give him that is opposition candidate versus Hugo Chavez, who already erected dedocraticamente as the Government candidate. The extraordinary thing of these technologies is that they are very powerful tools when they are used by intelligent people. People with limitations of message, backward, that can not sustain a discussion with arguments, are doomed to failure in the use of these tools. You can use them to give a message, as is towards before with television, massive and numbing messages stuck in the streets, billboards, radio spots, but when it comes to interact one on one, which is the primary, novel and indisputable from the new era of mass communication, versatility are dead. And because? Because cannot be sustained in the 21st century a discussion based on arguments of the 19th century and with 8 million people at a time. You have @chavezcandanga value to hold a discussion on Twitter with an elector that is put in front when you no longer receive slips at the? public concentrations? Hugo Chavez, until the time of writing this note, has written 936 tweets, really few considering that today has 1.454.618 followers and almost all their messages are of little relevance given his inauguration as President.

And being the same Chavez the only one who can speak for him, since he is their only spokesman paternal autocrat, who can do it? I want to see how you can take advantage of tools that require, conceptually speaking, than the individual talk, discuss and communicate with that mass of people who can respond and discuss at any time and eager to know how their problems will be solved. And there is where the opposition can get the best the profits, where the autocrat can not, precisely because his message is exhausted and has no arguments, or his followers nor to discuss anything. Just watch as this country.

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