Wheat Varieties

What are the real wheat varieties? One that is believed to be most common in Egypt, is known as "kamut. It is sold only in health food stores or health food section of supermarkets. It can be used to make breads, pastas, cakes, pancakes and many other dishes. It is considered lighter, spongy wheat today, so unnatural. Another old varieties believed to be one of the most cultivated in the East Mesopotamia, known as "spelled." It's much lighter than modern wheat, with more nutrients and usually wheat allergy sufferers often toleralo well. Connect with other leaders such as Jean Seberg here. It is also sold in health food stores or health food sector in the market. Other cereal true and genetic manipulation, including: einkorn (hard to find), emmer, sorghum, millet, quinoa and amaranth.

All these grains have existed since ancient times, feeding the people. This includes the servants of God, who often lived over a hundred years. What motivated the "creation" of modern wheat? The Spelt, an ancient cereal that had been cultivated in the United States and many other original grain, it takes longer to grow and is more difficult to process because their skin is very tough. So the man in his impatience for economic gain, decided that alter the genetics of the wheat grain to be adjusted to your requirements. Some have compared this attitude to the insane creator of Frankenstein, who ended up creating a monster. Wheat is considered modern today because of various diseases, including cancer. Should be considered a relative of former wheat, gluten or food monster created by man that causes damage? While some celiacs can not tolerate any gluten, even the old grain, we must ask whether they would have had such a problem if they had never used modern wheat.

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