A Real Estate Case Study

In the first we find all those strategies that are intended to attract the press and crawlers or spiders to search engines, in the second, those strategies are aimed at making online advertising (adwords summon, purchase banner ads, interactive ads, etc. ..) or dissemination. Not to dwell on this article, I decided this time to show very briefly some strategies that seek to draw the attention of the press and / or media (which best support, credibility and reliability that its website is referred to by third parties?) Conduct review of current social, economic and / or topics that generate controversy or novelty and are of value to the audience fully identified in the course objective and focus in its own section of economic, political, business, social or entertainment medium for the press communication which you want to draw your attention (and I do not mean to write articles like these). For example: for a real estate auction site attracted the attention of a local newspaper to conduct a review of electronic auctions online real estate, being somewhat outside the traditional in my city. They heard and read this review and contacted me via email for an interview for Sale and Real Estate section Purchase of Property.

As a result the day they got me an interview in the local newspaper had an increase of 75% of visits in the real estate auction site that was promoting were achieved 65 contacts of potential buyers who wanted to buy your property through an auction system and conducted several real estate. Time Warner shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This effect not only hard on the day of publication, but that lasted several weeks. Statistical analysis. We always find demand for statistics because the numbers reveal trends or patterns that can help either save and / or make money or at least to optimize a campaign. For example, an email marketing agency would reveal a statistical survey where the percentage of effectiveness report in an email sent to an email marketing campaign and report their performance and conversion rate obtained. This could attract many e-marketers and / or other marketing professionals before they start a campaign you can also also attract the attention of a journalist who wants to write an article in the local newspaper or online on mail shipments of unwanted or unsolicited.

Conduct a case study. A case study is really a tempting bait for a journalist looking for a topic to write in his column. A case study is a documented history and facts of some event or occurrence of a campaign either, implementation, business or experience. This should continue to be interesting a model CHALLENGE – SOLUTION – RESULTS. For example, many companies document their case studies of emerging marketing strategies that have been successful or unsuccessful, indicating the approach to the problem identified, the methodology and results made trying to reach the best solution. If something is learned too is precisely from these case studies. Anyone in the same industry or potential customer could visit their website to watch or download and generate traffic and attract qualified the attention of a reporter or journalist or teacher. Thus we can find many strategies designed to increase a more effective our qualified traffic in the interests of attracting the attention of the spiders or crawlers, media, potential customers and thus ensure a better conversion rate which help us earn more income or business contacts.

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