Anatoly Filin

Refracted through the prism of the rainbow ray pierces the mind and cloud droplets of ephemeral desires Vyleplivayut face. COAST YOUTH Where the rock in the waves of hair weave – Whether sob, then eh sing, Hem Neptune foam sheathe, Where swallows' nests Between the mirrors are lit palaces twin – There's heaven on earth, but there's about something they do not know. Rip apples, live and die. Famed able perpetual bloom – in the molten glow of bliss. With dense pine ridges dormant gloss and slides down to stone in Dumas.

Dress magnolia, palm umbrellas grooms Hides, with cloud fallen, and wax. And the waves splashed monotonously As tantalizing phone call, absorbing and wisdom and impersonal, and pages of the Kings survived, all the salt confusions Only by expanding the nature of preserving wilderness. Where on the cross roads Whether the prologue, the epilogue eh: grin on rocks lies in puff snake; Where there is no beginning or end, no middle and persecuted wanderer dreams before his death – there youth spent in the way of me. In SURROUNDINGS Vorontsov not this an old man strayed here from the white schools in exchange alluring beauties on the pigeon gave polukrik? Whose foot is on the path trod, Whose glistening tear on the grass, the roses were given to whom, whose arms sting splinters? Were not you the one stray wanderer, who found shelter here exile himself and built a house vault when drunk to the bottom of separation with the loss of faith.

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