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Ahead of this perspective, the nurse as administrator of the theory and the practical one must recognize in the customer, the signals and symptoms, decurrent of a clinical problem emergencial and diferiz it of the urgency, which the patient can be attended with certain open assembly time. amongst some emergencies, the cardiopaths meet who represent one of the biggest indices of mortality in the world. Called Doenas Cardiovasculares (DCV) represents the first cause of death in Brazil and implies in 10,74 million days of internment for the Only System of Sade (SUS), representing to the main cause of expenses in assistance health 16.2% of the total of given assistance, and infers that in Brazil, the statisticians demonstrate that 300,000 Brazilians are victims of the DCV per year. Robert A. Iger describes an additional similar source. Of this form, it is had that the cardiovascular illnesses occupy the first general cause of mortality in our way. More than 250,000 Brazilians die per year in result mainly of infarto acute of the myocardium (THEY WENT). Fifty percent of the victims dies before arriving at the hospital, in first the two hours after the beginning of the symptoms. Thus, the sudden death for cardiac attack (PCR? cardiorrespiratria stop) is the emergency more important clinic nowadays (2-3). In this context, if it observes that in U.S.A., the costs of the hospital admission of patients with torcica pain in evaluation are esteem in $5 the $10 billion dollar per year.

As only 30% 40% of these customers with confirmed diagnosis of Sndrome Coronariana Aguda (SCA), the $3 $6 billion are destined the patients with torcica pain of not cardiac origin (4). Ahead of the displayed one, this work has the objective to show as the nurse must give assistance ahead to the customer of the main cardiac clinical emergencies, characterizing the main responsible patologias for the morbimortalidade of these individuals. METHODOLOGY Is about a bibliographical research, of descriptive and exploratria nature, carried through by means of a data-collecting concerning the assistance given for the nurse ahead of the cardiac clinical emergencies.

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