'Voyager 2' was launched into space August 20, 1977. Shortly before he went into space the same machine 'Voyager 1'. Researchers 'prepared' for the study of Jupiter and Saturn, and mission of the 'Voyager' was supposed to last four years. Now Voyager 2 'is located at a distance of 13.8 billion miles from Earth, and' Voyager 1 'alienated by 16.9 billion miles. German academic Hartwig Hausdorf said that the sudden change of data with interplanetary probe "Voyager 2" due to the fact that the unit was captured by aliens. According to him, the cause of incorrect operation of the probe, which since April 22, 2010 became a strange kind of earthlings transfer information is that some extraterrestrial life trying to communicate with the world's people. Strange behavior of the module does not look like damage. According to the Hausdorff, "Voyager 2" to capture and reprogram.

Another interesting fact is that all nodes in the system apparatus working correctly, the only exception is the data transmitter. Prior to the April crash, "Voyager 2" to transmit data at very low speed, but now NASA device reads the signals from the unit for ten hours a day. More information is housed here: Time Warner. Employees Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena (California) could not decode the information. It is worth noting that on board the "Voyager 2" are messages from alien civilizations that are a disc with basic information about the Earth, presented in the sounds and images. Now scientists from the American Space Agency (NASA) say that we were able to repair the spacecraft 'Voyager 2', which has failed to April 2010. The fact that the 'Voyager 2' is working again, said lead scientist Edward Stone of the project (Edward Stone). And if it was a failure remains a mystery. According to them they had a diagnosis, and found that the cause of failure was one of the cells memory on-board computer, whose value is changed from zero to one. Read more …

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