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How contractors optimise their marketing and PR activities, provides a new E-book by entrepreneur coach Dr. Jochen Sommer. New E-book applies maximum business success the introduction price of 65 euros for the unique offering of innovative marketing ideas and implementation AIDS only until the end of April 2010 Linsengericht, March 9, 2010. For chefs who want to increase their marketing and hence their business success, Dr. Jochen Sommer has an Insider report marketing – and PR routines for maximum business success”created. This Insider report is now available on the website as an E-book available. The use fee is 65 euros, after 99 Euros until end of April 2010 as the introductory price. The entrepreneur coach from the Hessian United has created a unique work.

He provides also tools in addition to effective marketing methods and ideas, so that it easier for chefs, permanently and systematically create their activities. The summer recommended nomenclature focuses on simple and carried out cost-effective methods, so that continuity can be guaranteed also by smaller companies as well as freelancers or self-employed. The co-initiator of the Bonn KompetenzClubs the E-book is available on its website explains versatile and comprehensive marketing can simply be systematized and permanently contributes to the success of the company”. Who has succeeded as an entrepreneur, that the marketing activities routinely and consistently performed, is according to Jochen Sommer at a steadily increasing number of new prospects and sustainably increase its revenue opportunities. “Smart guides, such as heads of business-promote networking and regional farming” operate, are also part of the new insider reports marketing “as PR consultant Dr. Michael Gestmann. The head of the renowned Agency of attention”in Bonn presents strategies as companies using clever public relations or with low-cost forms of advertising on your own Alert services. Buyers of marketing – and PR-Insider-books get, clear instructions about how to immediately implement the new insights and sales promotional use.

The costs therefore immediately pay for themselves. For real entrepreneurs of the Bonn KompetenzClub Unternehmererfolg21 “is an initiative of Dr. Jochen Sommer and Dr. Michael Gestmann. Member heads of small businesses and freelancers can be individual entrepreneurs. Unternehmererfolg21 offers the possibility systematically to further develop its operations and an above-average successfully to make the members. Member of Unternehmererfolg21 “sole proprietorship, can be heads with up to 50 employees and freelancers, regardless of their industry. In the interest of all members, summer and Gandhi expect that Member is only who seriously wants to work and engage with his experiences in the development of his company. Interested parties can choose between three member types: trial, basic or premium membership.

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