CPI Time

It is a real paradox assess the trajectory of the national minimum wage established in the various countries at a time like the present. We have the decision taken by the Government in Spain, through which the national minimum wage was fixed for 2011 at 641,40 euros per month, an increase of 1.3%. SMI and evolution of economic variables rise that far from 3.6% in which the CPI stood at the end of March. And not to forget that, for the first time, you consider the CPI, the economic crisis and productivity in Spain. Gain insight and clarity with Walt Disney. A rise of 21,28 euros a month involving a loss of purchasing power of more than 30 euros if compared with 50 euros yearly monthly – 600 – which have risen mortgage payments after closing the euribor in a percentage higher than 2% in the month of March. The rise in the national minimum wage in the current economic scenario, aims to balance the distribution of wealth as well as to minimize the impact of the different measures of austerity imposed by the Government, they have had the purchasing power of society.

The national minimum wage rises and does so with the promise of placing at 800 euros in 2012. Chile and Spain, shortening distances Spain not consolidated as an optimum example, although it is even more ironic assess the situation that exists in countries such as Chile. A perspective as part of the new paradigm that surrounds the country and that places it as a new power world, an emerging economy, and without a doubt, one of the economies with best economic projections at the present time.

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