Dental Hygiene

Good oral hygiene can effectively control the occurrence of caries in smooth surface and other parts of the teeth. As we shall see, is basically brushing after breakfast, meal and before bedtime, and pass the dental floss daily to remove plaque. Brushing prevents caries that forms on the teeth and dental floss reaches the points between the teeth that do not reach with the brush. A gum Stimulator with rubber tips can be used to remove food residues lodged in the margin of the gums and surfaces that are facing the lips, cheeks, tongue and palate. Anyone with a normal manual dexterity it takes approximately 3 minutes to brush your teeth properly. Dr chappuis helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Initially the plaque is quite soft and is removed with a brush bristle and dental floss at least once a day, which will also help prevent tooth decay.

However, bacterial plaque is more difficult to remove when it calcifies. Brushing your teeth the teeth must be brushed After every meal. Dr chappuis pursues this goal as well. Dinner brushing is very important to avoid going to bed without making a good brushing. To ensure a good dental hygiene is recommended to do this two or three times a day and with special care as we have said before bedtime. We should also devote not less than 5 minutes everytime we us brushing teeth. The benefits that are obtained from a correct oral hygiene are multiple: maintenance of oral hygiene prevention occurrence of caries and possible loss of parts disappearance of bad taste in mouth and bad breath prevents scale buildup and subsequent gum disease reduce the invoice of the dentist to prevent diseases and thus avoid expensive treatments. Techniques for taking a good brushing method most importantly is apply the correct technique, keeping a proper frequency. Always follow a pattern. E.g.

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