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I do not think we'll surprise you if I say. that Russia expected a substantial increase in the sale and use of SaS services – 'Software as a Service' (SaS). But the problem is that this information will not surprise people versed in the art. And it is not will affect people not familiar with SaS, which is why I want a little light that part of the business, which will automate the SaS services. Although experts suggest that this model can work any enterprise system – crm, document management, erp (enterprise planning and management), banking systems, fiscal sector, etc. Personally, my opinion that most claimed the SaS market is the services to integrate customer, sales automation, electronic diaries, maintaining the customer base, the development of the sales department.

What is SaS? Software as a service (SaS) ('Software as a Service') – sales of software, in which the supplier is developing an Internet application and manages it on their own, giving users and customers to access the software through the Internet. The main advantage of SaS services for the user is the absence of the high costs associated with installation, maintenance, upgrading and supporting software. The SaS model makes it very effectively fight the spread of neletsinzeonnogo software, because software is always in developer and does not fall directly to the user. The SaS model can significantly reduce costs, while not exclude them completely. Today, with well-organized access to the Internet, it's time to start using SaS services. The only question for many is the question of data security, but even here the company to tailor services to mainstream clients, document management, automated sales department is actively investing in data protection technology that makes these services are safe enough for use in major organizations. The final step is a necessary choice and most attractive service for you. With this question you can see in my other article. My view on the use of internet services

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