Doubt Mission

Get in the boat and using sonar to the bottom screen, find the four boxes. Immerse them in the boat and return. During the mission will receive 15 units of Acid. On the map labels instead of Z appears "H" – take a course there. Mission 37: By Myriads Of Swords. After the dialogue, go to the alley We get out wheeled bin "Sword" and go to two meetings: they all need to kill it with a sword.

Then search the wallet, two people – then Take a meeting at the specified coordinates. Go to charlie watts for more information. During the mission you get nothing. Mission 38: A shadow of Doubt. This mission is full of spying. First, follow the labeled person and scold him on the street.

Then labeled the car radio equip-worm and go after it. During the mission will receive $ 200. Mission 39: Friend of Foe? We must help boys blow up the back wall of the Bank and to make out the safe. And then overtake the truck in the garage and vsryt safe with the counter. During the mission you will get $ 250. Mission to "N" end, is directed to the R. Mission 40: Grave Situation. You should pass the cemetery through a dense hail of fire. Kill all who wants you dead! During the mission will receive $ 250. On the map, only one label L – we go there. Mission number 41: Double Trouble. To activate this mission, you must have 10 units of Ecstasy.

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