ECOMBerlin Discussed Strategies

Expert talk on the future of online trade Berlin, March 18, 2010 on 27 and 28 April is ECOM-Berlin in their second round. Renowned industry experts will discuss a mix of lectures and hands-on workshops on topics such as “Mobile applications and their impact on online trading?” or “What roles play impulse shopping, Twitter or Facebook for a successful online strategy?”. Thereby all relevant issues are illuminated by the right IT strategy through new purchasing models to staff development. As speakers could include Dirk Lauber (Director of new media, Gero Hesse (Senior Vice President human resources, Bertelsmann) and Joachim Graf (journalist and editor, high text Verlag) are obtained. According to the bvh study “Distance selling in Germany”, the Germans gave 2009 EUR 15.5 billion for goods on the Internet from ( However, technological developments, new software architectures and of actively intervening consumer change step by step ‘classic’ online trading. “One is the ECOM-Berlin Platform to discuss these developments and to develop strategies for successful E-Commerce”, says Christoph Wenk-Fischer, Deputy Managing Director of the Federal Association of the German mail order company (bvh).. “To have in the future in the Internet success, a strategy is needed, which takes into account trends such as Twitter, mobile and social commerce”, as Martin Gardner, editor in Chief of the industry information service “Mail-order consultant” (FID Verlag) and co-organiser of the ECOM-Berlin.

With a variety of lectures, the first day dedicated to the two major current trends in the E-Commerce: social networking and mobile commerce. High-profile industry experts such as Stephen Baker (BusinessWeek, author “The Numerati”), Patrick Gegauf (head of retail Switzerland retail AG rose) or Kevin Hillstrom (President, MineThatData) will introduce themselves and discuss in connection with the Congress participants. The next day, workshops address possible approaches for a successful online strategy. Central themes will be: “emotion – Conversion – profit: what is the role of emotions in the buying process? “,”Sale of iPhone apps – the most promising approaches for mobile commerce”,” Facebook Commerce: potential for social commerce “or”Current IT strategies for successful multi – / crossChannel solutions”.” “In addition to technical exchange forums and discussions the E-commerce strategy days provide space for networking and cross-industry exchange of ideas”, explains Gardner. This background is the evening event on the 27th with the motto “talks, chats, snacks and more.

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