Fox Hounds

A public show train on the beach in front of the historic pier of the seaside resort Sellin, should then at noon on Sunday demonstrate residents, tourists and guests in the September sunshine of the impressive performance of the perfectly trained Fox Hounds and show the bloodless hunt riding in the splendor of the chalk cliffs at its best. “Hunting men and organizer Till Demtroder, which are among the most employed German actors, white after his experiences of the previous years: the concept of a lifestyle event to combine a traditional drag hunting, is something completely new, it has – rightly so – enthusiastic and asked to repeat.” The TV star and actor are sympathetic, honest, too: the budget was always scarce, the cost is high. I had many concerns that I should not have without this event. So, imagination and personal contacts were required. Also always believed in the success, this confirms the great response! Fortunately, I have in the past few years of my “Filming on the island for the evening series Hi Robbie” met many nice people, some have become good friends. So I got many tips, who decides what where. Finally I was supported by all sides, I am very grateful.” Meanwhile the event had established itself so well, that new partner added.

This is of course”a fascinating development that paid us all for many troubles, enthusiastically notes Demtroder. The native hamburger at his Rugen experience weekend places emphasis on three: the natural experience with a fantastic trained hounds and magnificent horses reprimanding a beautiful backdrop to maintain the long tradition of bloodless nowadays of course, athletically motivated – riding hunting. At the same time the Rugen should the guests and friends from the economy, politics, culture, and television cross country as well as provide space for animated conversations in first-class horses and organised.” If in the course of the three eventful days, even the eye for the beauty of Demtroders choice home Rugen is sharpened, the versatile TV star looks closely at the fulfillment of a dream. Because ultimately he connect with the event private passion”, horse racing, and his love for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with the enthusiasm for new projects”. “The 41-year-old stressed: many people show what wonderful, sporty, happy and convivial moments we can experience in the nature of the Baltic Sea Island with the dogs and horses, is particularly close to the heart.” You can watch the film from the Rugen cross country on at this link: w../ruegencrosscountry-flash.html learn more? Experience the Rugen cross country with media or via the Internet site at:

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