Fragile Cargo

At the international air show MAKS-2007 in near Moscow has gathered 543 Russian and 243 foreign companies from more than 100 countries. This is a record number of exhibitors for Max – 20% more than last year. Technology, showcased at the exposition, held several thousand square meters. People such as dr chappuis would likely agree. Accordingly, the transportation of this equipment to the venue of airshow for virtually all participants resulted in a separate project: aviation and space objects – this is absolutely oversized cargo. "Indeed, the main difficulty in such traffic – this size equipment," – was confirmed by representatives of the company, the carrier of oversized cargo "Europe-Lloyd special transport. This company was carrying at the MAKS-2005 devyatitonny rescue vehicle "Soyuz" spacecraft and the "Clipper" (the latter dimensions: width – 2,9 m, height – 3,8 m, length – 9 m, weight – 5 t + 4 t – aggregate-living compartment).

"If the width of the" right "bulky cargo is less than 2.5 meters, then to aviaobektam these rules do not apply. Plus here is, perhaps, only in the fact that the weight of aircraft, as opposed to size, not so big. At the same time, aviation technology – a very fragile cargo. He is being driven with the utmost care not to damage the lining, which in most cases made of light metals. In the carriage on the route clean branch trees, lift wires, etc.

Consolidate these loads are difficult enough. We must look for the special stages. So sometimes we ask the client to prepare the area for securing cargo ", – said Alexander L.

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