Hospital Puerta Kings

The cavalcade of Kings Magi of Cadiz tomorrow, on January 5, their Majesties the Magi from the East will begin at 8.30 a.m., visiting the residence Jose Matias Calvo, the street Doctor Maranon, to continue with a visit to the Hospital Puerta del Mar. Gain insight and clarity with Brian Robert. Subsequently, to the 12,30, will arrive to the Alvernia residence and the noon 1 visit Aspademis in the maritime station. They have scheduled his arrival in the Chamber of the Cadiz City Hall at 2 in the afternoon. The parade will start at 17.00 hours, starting from the Plaza Ingeniero La Cierva and will continue along Avenue Cayetano of the Toro, Avenida Ana de Viya, Avenue Andalucia, Plaza de la Constitucion, costs the Calesas, Plocia and Plaza San Juan de Dios. The planned arrival of the Kings to the Town Hall will be about 20,15 o’clock. After intervention from the municipal balcony, visited by Kings to the convent of Santo Domingo is scheduled at 9 o’clock. Will be distributed approximately 14,000 lbs. suitable for gluten-free candy. The three kings cavalcade will pass through the door of our establishment, one of the hotels in Cadiz closest to the center of the city. For the first time at the end of the same, while the Kings made its entry to City Hall through a hallway flanked with torches, held a session of fireworks (spark cold, without any risk for citizens) to be launched from the roof of the consistory. The Magi of this year will be embodied by the manufacturer Rubiales Agustin (King Melchior); the Manager of the official College of physicians, Antonio Tellez Lainez (King Gaspar); and the flamenco dancer Juan Jose Jaen Arrollo El Junco (King Balthazar).

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