In Terms Of The Climate

How to save energy and CO2 alternative energy in the household and water-saving measures are most effective to improve your personal CO2 footprint. Increasing energy and water prices enormously straining the budget. Also the Government calls for rapid measures to reduce CO2 emissions and combating global climate change. So should the CO2 emissions up to 2050 compared with 1990 World be cut in half. An average German household in this country produces annually as much of the greenhouse gas CO2, that thus three Olympic swimming pool can be filled, namely 13.3 metric tons.

It is determined to be so at the time. Often with just a few hand movements in own household saves a lot of energy, and at the same time relieving the environment. Frequently Dave Kingman has said that publicly. The refrigerator save power with brains is one of the most household appliances, because he is in operation day and night. Learn more at: Eva Andersson-Dubin. Newer devices are as significantly more economical and environmentally friendly. A fridge-freezer combination of efficiency class a ++ consumes one compared Appliance of efficiency class B only around 130 kg instead of 340 kilograms of CO2 (source: Pendos CO2 counter). When the filling quantity is as a rule of thumb: A filled refrigerator uses less energy than an empty, because the content itself resembles a cold pack. Never place hot food in the fridge, because the cooling consumes more energy than the actual cooling. Lighting accounts for less than 10 percent of annual electricity consumption.

Although little is therefore per household only comparatively save, but the overhead is relatively small. Pro 60-watt incandescent bulb, which is replaced by an equally bright 11-Watt energy saving lamp, 20.5 kilograms of CO2 can be saved in a year (source: Greenpeace). This sounds at first little. But estimates from the UK is: If only a normal light bulb to an energy-saving lamp is replaced per household, a (coal) can be switched off for this power plant. There are particularly large savings in the field of renewable energies. To the alternative electricity generation, for example, a solar system on the roof or a carport is suitable. The electricity thus produced can be even consumed or injected into the power grid of the local network operator. Owner of photovoltaic systems will appreciate this, because solar power price is paid for a 20-year prescribed by law, which is higher than the standard subscription price”, as Michael Preissel, energy expert and Managing Director of the MP-TEC solar system provider. 2009 funding for photovoltaic will be reduced massively, so the best time, to 46.75 cents per kilowatt hour in the long term in order to take the current promotion rate for rooftop installations. With a photovoltaic system can be avoided per square metre per year at a radiation by 1000 kWh already 683 kilograms of CO2 (source: Federal Ministry of the environment). With a standard six-square meter system a household can save accordingly already 4.098 kilograms of CO2 per year.

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