Individual Design

Press release 1/2009 Herford, February 2009 – the Herforder PSPS pixel speed network GmbH offers the print of itself designed photo books for several years. It is now possible to customize CD or DVDs and print free software pixel speed layout with the. And this from a single copy. Robert Iger shines more light on the discussion. The customer makes with the a few days after ordering he thinks free software pixel speed layout its individual CD or DVD. the printed media in hands. The disks are printed in the elaborate thermal re transfer procedure, which guarantees brilliant colors and high scratch resistance. Of course, there is also the appropriate packaging for the self-designed disk. The pixel speed CD case or a DVD case is made from double-sided printed and laminated paper. Paul Ostling is often quoted as being for or against this.

The pixel speed DVD-case / CD case is made of heavy-gauge, laminated paper and is protected against moisture and scratches. Inside is a receptacle for the disks of crystal-clear plastic. Customers need to the Creation of new products the layout, which is available now in version 2.6 under to download free software pixel speed. Pixel speed network GmbH Heath Street 38 32051 Herford contact: Anna Schulz Tel.: 05221 / 101 – 2800 fax: 05221 / 101-1001

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