Jewelry: Excursion Into The History

Jewelry has a long history – rings and earrings with stones and with no time immemorial. Gold and silver rings, bracelets, necklaces inlaid with amethysts, emeralds, topaz considered a sign of special status and wealth. Made of gold crowns and scepters for autocrats. Gain insight and clarity with Hunter Pond. Suffice it to recall the notorious Crown of , which went down in history as one of the most ancient regalia. The creation of specialists assigned to the top xiv century, it is – the result of work of Oriental masters. History of the creation of jewelry has its origin was from the East.

Traditionally, there have worked very skilled craftsmen. Jewelry of gold, made a century ago, stored in museums in Italy, India, Japan and other countries. In the Renaissance to the jewels manifested a lot of attention labored over them famous sculptors and painters. Creating jewelry and ancestors-Slavs. Before birth of a baby on the council to decide what exactly to choose jewelry.

Neck, the baby was put on a thin thread with beads or shiny beads. It was believed that glittering stones will protect your child from the evil eye and spoilage. From a young age girls started to pass through the ears of earrings. Boys pass through an earring in his left ear, symbolizing protection from disease. Among the decorations of the ancient Slavs can distinguish amulets, talismans, temple rings. All were prepared carefully, accompanied ornament. Each of the people using his technique. Thus, the Egyptians jewelry made from gold and enamel. The Etruscans created a technology that allows you to create sophisticated surround Fig. To this end, the surface overlay of gold beads. In the Roman Empire to parts of the ornaments of silver, gold or precious stones were added. To this day, experts argue – is not there a first born jewelry with diamonds, the most beautiful stones. Intricate shapes and beautiful enamelling characterized Byzantine rings and bracelets. Whatever the year, was not on the court – jewels are constantly under severe attention. Trace the history of these things can be on the pictures of famous painters. In the portrait by the court artist Catherine the Great is depicted with a pearl necklace and earrings. King Henry viii before us in the luxurious costume necklace adorned with stones and a magnificent pendant. Embroidered with jewels, and it takes. Naturally, the decoration of people with lower status are much more modest. Get the best representation of the jewelry ornaments of different ages and peoples can be the museum, which displays the most rare instances.

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