National Joint Committe

For Boone and Plante (1994), the child when entering in the school faces a new world, and its capacities of language play a critical role in its success or failure. Garci’a (1998) detached that, although some existing definitions, many have only historical value. In its book consensual presents a definition sufficient proposal for the National Joint Committe on Learning Disabilities (NJCLD): Difficulty of learning is a general term that if it relates to a heterogeneous group of upheavals that if reveal for significant difficulties in the acquisition and use of listening, speaks, reading, writing, reasoning or mathematical abilities. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Robert A. Iger. These upheavals are intrinsic to the individual, assuming themselves due to disfuno of the central nervous system, and can occur throughout the vital cycle. They can exist, together with the difficulties of learning, problems in the auto-regulation behaviors and perception and social interaction (NJCLD, 1988).

According to Smith and Strick (2001), the difficulties do not relate to an only riot, but an ample gamma of problems that can affect any area of the pertaining to school performance. Being the low income in activities of reading, writing or calculation presented for pertaining to school in relation what if it could wait its intelligence and chances in accordance with, the main characteristic of a learning difficulty. They can occur at any time in the process of functional teach-learning and correspond dficits 8 superiors, such as, cognition, language, logical reasoning, perception, attention and affectivity. For War (2002), children with learning difficulty are not deficient, are not incapable and at the same time, they demonstrate difficulties to learn. Incapacities of learning do not have to be confused with learning difficulties. In Osti studies (2004) it concluded that, professor conceives the learning difficulty as aspect related to the pertaining to school performance of the pupil, that is, to be a pupil with learning difficulty implies in not reaching the waited minimum, the incapacity to assimilate information and not advancing in the learning. .

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