National Plan

Actions of some pursuings tend to increase as of some constructors who focam for market considered for the National Plan of Habitation, others as of energy, banks, telecommunications, some companies of feeding. To follow the market of commodities agriculturist in the month, therefore, the international market is buying, the price will have oscillations based on offers of the products in the market. As he had in some parts of the world problems with climate, he has trend of high for some products. The physical market does not follow the same dynamics of the stock markets in the case of the bovine meat, therefore prices continue unstable for the reduction of the exportations, that prospectam have taken recovery in the next months. Politics of incentives packages of support to the microentrepreneur and the innovation are available, through programs of the states and the federal government. MEI, Microcrdito, PRIME, others.

Good moment for the purchase of property or to make a trust. Oil approximately starts the month in the house of 50 US$ the barrel. Improvements in the American economic scene alliviate the pressures of the market, but, it still has necessity of other interventions. China possesss US$ 1 trillion of American public headings, Brazil more than US$ 120 billion, both is deserving of U.S.A. The regulation of the American economy is being made way debt increase, whereas markets as of China, is investing resources of the internal savings, what it will not compromise the future of the monetary politics of that country. Investments are kept by some enterprise groups in the Brazilian economy to establish points of commercial strategy for Latin America. Fusing starts to be negotiated.

The efficient management of companies will show to signals of competitiveness in the current scene of development and conquests of markets. The new rules for the trusts assist in the planned purchase of good. New aliquot of the Individual income tax they increase the money in circulation and they alliviate to the tax burden on the wage-earner. Increase of the international demand will occur when what it was considered by the G20 to leave the paper.

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