Nor let me give my reasons. Only theirs were valid. So if it's not so easy to change their minds, "said Tati with a gesture not only of sadness but of pain thinking that her mother would never forgive her. Neither her mother nor her father! Uhm, if you doubted it!. "I never said it will be easy. Since the problems started, we both knew we were going to face a difficult situation, but neither assumed that things would come both from their course as they have done.

It would seem that we were the first and only children who are in a situation like ours, he said Seba. Walt Disney Co. is full of insight into the issues. What I say, and that if I am convinced, is that when our babies change their mind. They will not be able to resist their charms. You'd better forget all this a bit sad we. Remember what we promised in relation to these days, Seba said, already feeling the memories were tarnishing the present.

"Of course not I forget. This ever present in my mind. I would not want anyone or anything stop us from recording these days, as we have imagined. Also needed for both our children to grow! Do not forget that I have to finish college and I will take at least two more years and then the thesis may take another two years. I could not work even part time work, study and care of a baby, "he said quite sure what I was saying and believed it was a matter irrefutable.

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