Professor Leonidas Boutin

It is necessary to make it a specific act conducive to the individual and the collective. It is what is called solidarity. Very purpose, is here an enriching event that consists in the prologue of the literary work of Christian freedom, of Martin Luther, translated by Professor Leonidas Boutin, with the support of the Reverends shepherds Heinz Soboll and Richard Wengan, of the Evangelical of Curitiba, State of Parana, Brazil, commune in 1958. To consider it opportune, I included it in one of the pages of my book reflections of the soul, with the following comment: one of the main questions of a good portion of those who want the spiritual salvation is do you like more God?. The great reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546) has the answer, quoted by Professor Leonidas Boutin: true and unshakable faith in the word of God, which is in the Scriptures. And who has verdaderamente faith has to practice good deeds, i.e., will love the neighbor, because it is impossible to have faith without practicing good deeds, which are, well, natural and inevitable result of it. Prayer strengthens to lie, at the dawn of an already distant day, as usual I held a prayer to God, hoping subsidiary merecer his merciful attention. To the open my soul to heavenly father, felt his compassionate influence vibrating in my spirit.

And there is no in this assertion no boasting, because Jesus teaches us that the Kingdom of God is within us (Gospel of Luke 17: 21). Ah! What sublime pleasure is to exploit of a droplet even in your Caridad! It is safe comfort in this world of ardent and ongoing battles. Of that unspeakable contentment was worthy, by persistent, humble, prayerful mother who wanted to perfect health for her young daughter (Gospel, Matthew 15: 21-28). The Cananea woman finding Jesus, the distraught mother, who was in the region of the Canaanites, firmly persevered in his attempt to get relief to the daughter, who was tormented.

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