When a person is in conflict, much of his energy remains trapped in it. Behaves like a country at war, where youth is hitting shots on the border, while industry and the means of production of that country will come down. If the total energy of the patient is 100 and 70% of that energy deposited in conflict, a 30% conflict free energy or energy remaining only to live. This lack of energy, is often transform symptomatic speaking, in a permanent fatigue (Freud called this fatigue, psychasthenia, or fatigue of the mind). If we make the analogy with cancer, we know that tumors or conflicts are proliferating and to absorb the energy of the carrier until they end up with his life.

As well, as in Oncology is used radiotherapy or chemotherapy to combat those tumors, we use psychotherapy to combat psychic conflicts. Therapeutic work consists in helping the patient to solve these conflicts. To the extent that this goal is achieved, psychic peace will be signed and the energy that the patient had put in them, will be released as conflict-free energy or energy for life. Iran ceasing hostilities, so that new energy will enable the reconstruction of what was destroyed. As I have already commented on any previous tab, the person who suffers is a person who is separated or divided. To clarify this concept, it is displayed to the psyche like a large iceberg, where it sticks out of the water and looks, represents our conscious world and is only 1/3 of the total.

2/3 Remaining are underwater, unseen and represent our unconscious world. Speaking candidly charlie watts told us the story. For a therapist with a psychodynamic mind vision, any person is continuously mediated by unconscious currents that collide with conscious aspects, causing psychic conflicts that are expressed in the form of symptoms. Assumes that the therapist is an expert in diving in the unconscious of the patient, trying to find and extract all dissociated.

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