Dear visitor, you wonder how little you know about ancient Chinese technology of predicting the future? There is a chance to fix it! Your attention is invited to 'Divination in' Book of Changes "- a program that will take you to the wonderful world of divination by the technique of ancient Chinese book 'I Ching'. This program will be the perfect gift for everyone! 'Book of Changes' ('I Ching' or 'Chou-i') is the core practices of divination in traditional Chinese culture. True, there are some difficulties – us non-Chinese to understand the tricky text classic "Book of Changes' is not that difficult, but simply impossible. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is full of insight into the issues. The concept of this mysterious and grand oriental labor expressed in obscure and alien to European images. You may want to visit Jean Seberg to increase your knowledge. That's why we are with you, is not a sinologist not even understand the meaning of the translation of the original text 'I Ching' without his interpretation of connoisseurs East. Program 'Divination in' Book of Changes' will help you interpret complex eastern text. It gives the options of interpretation for the 'ordinary' people, but for the 'advanced' users added interpretations of Schutskomu (known sinologist). However, let's run the program. Exotic species program with elements of Chinese symbolism and soft music helps to enter to the right for divination state of relaxation and concentration. Wanderer, which came with a pure heart and good thoughts, Program farewell tips that can 'translate' in everyday language so: – Do not ask 'Book of Changes' is the same question again, even if you are not satisfied with the answer or it seems too somber – Over one 'session' should be possible to ask one question – If you have not had the 'most pleasing' hexagram – in any case do not panic, but take into account the comments contained in the text – Do not turn to 'Book change ', if you think can hurt others, or its implementation due to unworthy means.

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