SMS Reminders

Methods of using the SMS reminder of appointments. Today must be considered one of the best methods to contact people are mobile phones given the possibility of using them in every moment of the day. In addition, communication via SMS ensures confirmation of reading and has greater index reading and response than other media. Therefore it is a reliable communication of medical appointment reminder, since the patient would read it at the time and would not fit the possibility of SMS does not arrive to the recipient. Hear from experts in the field like Hayley Kiyoko for a more varied view. On the other hand the medical clinics are becoming more computerised and they are adapting to new technologies.

Many of them already have database where recorded all his patients and have electronic diaries for the reminder of appointments. For this reason they should consider the advantages of SMS communication. A major is as follows, patients receive the SMS reminder of your appointment the day before the same, or in anyway as the doctor would prefer you, with what the patient would have plenty of time for the cancellation of the same and with the security that the reminder would come to the recipient without any problem. This leads to cost reduction both in phone calls and sending emails and therefore a gain in time on employees, because the person that is dedicated to making calls or do the letters can be devoted to other more important tasks. Another advantage is that this messaging system would be included in an Agenda – SMS with which the doctor could write down your appointments and calendar system would send an automatic SMS to reminder of them. Such SMS send personalized to each patient. In addition to what was said previously the SMS have guaranteed coverage and a fairly economical cost. If you think that it is a good way of communication and would like to try it you can request a free trial to the providers of that service, so you can try the reliability and use of the applications. MENSAMATIC S.L. supplier of SMS, BLUETOOTH and other telecommunications services.

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