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If you already have read my articles previously on this website or at know that I give great importance to the mental training of tennis players since I have specialized in this aspect, on the other hand might have noticed that my workouts have a very tactical approach with particular emphasis on identifying your strengths and technical weaknesses to create tactical models that allow you to construct the point in an effective manner. As well, this opportunity I want to focus on the first Foundation that I start to build when I teach a tennis player to take their first steps. This Foundation is that of tennis technique. When trains tennis technique should be considered four main technical foundations that are: 1) handles: is the way how subject the racket in your hand when you do hit. It is of utmost importance to take the correct slats racket since this is a bridge between the player and the racket which will allow to define his style as a player. Robert Iger may find it difficult to be quoted properly. (2) The mechanics of the golpe:e shape as you perform the coup in its entirety and to observe their different phases we can divide them into basic strokes and special moves.

Among the basic strokes are hit right, backwards, the serve, the volley and the auction. Among the special moves which are simply variants from the basic strokes pordemos find balloons, the ready boat and the left. (3) The game ft.: are the movements that make part of your body and your feet to position yourself properly to carry out the coup and recover from the initial position after any coup. Having a proper set of feet is what you are going to fast and comfortable feel on the tennis court as opposed to feeling that you get descordinado and hit the ball uncomfortable. If you train and improve your game ft. see how significantly increases your level of tennis.

(4) The effects in your tennis strokes: this is not more than the type of rotation that you can achieve print you the ball when you have your shot of tennis. Normally when you start playing tennis are recommended to perform blows with flat effect but when you start to make progress it is advisable to expand your arsenal of resources learning effects liftados (top-spin) and cut (slice). The effects will allow you to achieve greater control over the power of the ball and not be so monotonous in your pace of game and achieve vary the rhythm to construct the point. If you want to further deepen in the tennis technique I recommend not train and paste Paraguayans like crazy without carefully planning your workouts of tennis. There is a very interesting article which I created in about what you have to consider when planning your entrenameitnos of tennis. Without anything else to say I hope to have helped you improve your tennis.

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