Today I am writing plus an article in this computer of the laboratory of the UniSaber, am happy for having plus this day I believe that my hopes are renewed, although to be dismissed, I am starting to write my biography, that project to write my book on-line I did not lead ahead although to be writing a little same without having Internet in house I am not also repeating same articles and yes publishing new at every moment that I am in the Internet to write for me it is an obsession I do not import if error a word or a comma. I am exactly very shy the point of almost not saying with ningum my only form of communication is the written language already I tried to make quadrinhos, but I do not have patience to be drawing my thoughts are fast although the people in general to find that I am not ningum, see that I suffered to many persecutions and injustices for the society. Learn more at: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. My star of the luck luck shines more than what of the others although the other people to speak very and to have influence and many friends and to have money, a thing it lacks the luck to them and a destination only destined by that they are chosen by Deus.J I was ordered even so of some schools and jobs but I obtain other better things many professors are estagnados in the life, but although to be dismissed still I think that my situation to be better of what of other people. Each person has its proper history..

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