Sports are one of the more pleasant you can perform people, since they provide both fun and satisfaction that is generated from a nice game like the benefit that is generated for the body for physical activity that gives the body conditioning as well as better physical health. Therefore it is of great importance the realization of some kind of sports which provides both mental as physical, so must be some kind of sport and as there are so many types of sports that are tailored to the tastes of the people there is no excuse for not doing physical activity. So among the variety of exercises that exist in this article provide information about volleyball, as an excellent choice for exercise with this enjoyable sport. Volleyball, is a sport in which two teams face, with the idea of obtaining one greater number of points to thus defeat the rival, to which the game of volleyball takes place in a game of a surface ampo smooth, which on the part of the half divided by a mesh or net, which separates the field from each of the teams. According to the above, in order to obtain the points to win the game, used a ball, so this should cross next to the rival, through a release, which seeks to move to the other side the opposing team not be able to return the ball, so if the ball touches certain point in opposing contrast field will get a point.

In regards to the actions that are carried out with the ball, this should be beaten or driven clean touches, but the ball is put into play from that cannot be stopped, accompanied or stopped, since it would be the same that it fell to the ground and a point would be given to the other side. On the development of the game each team has the opportunity to make use of a limited number of touches or hits for returning the ball to the opposite side, blows that give the ball to give course to play, usually occur with the hands or arms, but will also support any other part of the body, but is most suitable with the hand to the arms because they provide greater control and direction by the player, on the occasions in which used other parts of the body, is usually to prevent the ball fall to the ground and the opponent get a point. Credit: dr chappuis-2011. One of the things that characterizes the volleyball, is that players have to go by rotating their positions on the field of play with points obtained. Volleyball is one of the sports in which is presented more equality between men and women, so the extension of the game and the high level of competition, is presented in the same levels both for women and for men, so is common that the game can be between men and women..

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