Aligning Your Energy

(Most think this is backwards, therefore most feel little joy in their actions or their possessions.) Properly can leave your body without pain or disease. No need to attract or suffer diseases and take that as an excuse to leave. As you arrive, stay or leave, their natural state is healthy and well-being. (They are free to choose to be otherwise.) They can not die, your life is eternal. In the state of grace, they can choose to relax and allow a smooth transition back to non-physical state of pure positive energy.

The natural state of you is forever. (Enjoy it all. For even more opinions, read materials from Celina Dubin. Iluminense! Nothing we do will be wrong.) PD. You do not need another person to understand the Laws of the Universe or the processes we are offering here in order to have a wonderful life experience, happy and productive, for you are those who draw their experience. 17 seconds. PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION OF THE TEACHINGS OF ABRAHAM "Align your energy as often as you can, if at least two or three times a day you stop to think and find 68 seconds of pure thought about anything, then, You've done enough to make your day be productive! Why 17 seconds? Abraham says that a thought reaches enough fuel in a span of 17 seconds in which you focus your attention (17 seconds of pure concentration) That thought will lead to another that is exponentially more powerful and at the end of another 17 seconds or 34 seconds in total and by operation of law of attraction thinking evolves into a more powerful energy level.

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