Antenna Radio

The principle of operation of the chemical anchor is based on the chemical composition of cured anchor in a pre-drilled hole without the effect of temperature and samonapryazheniya strains. After curing, the composition there are multiple references to the chemical composition of the material base at the expense of the inner surface roughness of the hole and molecular adhesion. Due to the close values of the coefficients of thermal expansion chemical composition and the base material anchorage in working order is omonolichennoe connection. Chemical anchors have the ability to take the load of tens of tons and exceed strength of the metal, without creating tension in the material base. Chemical anchors are widely used as an attachment in the following areas of modern building: repair and reconstruction existing housing stock (installation of additional bonds, increasing the ends of floor slabs, the increase in cross-sectional area of columns, the restoration of the working section of girders and increase the carrying capacity of elements frame buildings), road construction (acoustic screens, barrier fencing, warning signs, lighting masts); ventilated facades (fastening to masonry substructure of brick and aerated concrete); mount constructions (columns, brackets, balconies, reinforcing the organization issues), decorative items (forged bars, canopies, lighting, stucco decorative elements), advertising design (signage, banners, banners, roof installation, information stele) stairs (handrails and railings, rack rails, mounting Kosourov) elevators (reconstruction of the mines, fixed elevators, escalators and mount moving walkways) construction equipment (timber, lifts, hoists, cranes), equipment (distillation columns, conveyors, machine tools), storage equipment (shelving, hoists, conveyors); prefabricated buildings (attaching supporting framework for strip foundations), strengthening of structures (metal cages, the injection of masonry), restoration of monuments of architecture (construction of new floors, restoration of old masonry, mount newly constructed structures to the existing), theater and cinema (attaching decorations, increased load-bearing and enclosing structures), strengthening the foundations (stand-alone connection foundation blocks, the pasting of reinforcement cages), port construction (reconstruction and repair of quay walls, locks, oil terminals, fixed bollards and bollard), translucent structures (Conservatories, skylights, trade pavilions), aqua parks and water facilities (swimming pools, water parks equipment, treatment facilities); airports (expansion of runways and taxiways, and mast mount Antenna Radio, navigation equipment); mining industry (ski lifts, cable cars, monorails) energy industry (nuclear power plant, power plant, transformers, electric poles) Key Benefits chemical anchors. . David Zaslav is often quoted as being for or against this.

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