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Justification for mounting a rural health clinic to treat patients for PTSD by acupuncture community historically, acupuncture has been trying to continuously different types of mental disorders. As evidenced by some medical texts belonging to the Han dynasty in China makes more than 2 000 years ago, such as the most important of all, the classic of internal Medicina of the Amarillo Emperador, and his detailed description of treatments for psychological hallucinations, anxiety and nightmares. Most modern texts describe protocols of acupuncture for depression, anxiety and other psychiatric symptoms. Therefore, we can say that the PTSD with acupuncture treatment is logical and based on a long history of clinical use in psychiatric disorders. Recent studies confirm its efficacy. Although in certain acupuncture gives us many benefits, its primordial element, its flexibility, allows us to give unique treatment each person with their particular symptoms within the context of the heterogeneous nature of the PTSD.

Although no framework exists for comparison clear and direct between the diagnosis of PTSD from the MTC and the allopathic medicine, symptoms that presents the PTSD in Western medicine can be categorized within several diagnoses in TCM that specifically match the nature of each patient. In fact, a recent study in 21 patients with PTSD, diagnosed twelve different syndromes. For example, a patient that it concerns nightmares, pre-menstruales discomfort, depression, irritability, constipation and for whom pulse was detected a filiform, you will be treated for liver Qi lock. al explanations. Another patient who referred hypervigilance, tachycardia, fatigue, anxiety and detected to whom a thin and weak, pulse you will be treated for heart blood deficiency. From the psychological point of view, both are PTSD patients. Gain insight and clarity with Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA.

However, the MTC are treated according to the differentiation of the syndromes unique. In fact, acupuncture, that is holistic in nature and integral, do not separate the physical aspect of the psychological. In this case, both facets would be treated simultaneously. In some clinical settings, such as rural clinics, this type of individualized approach may not be easy, where perhaps they have to treat hundreds of patients every day, and you have only a few volunteer practitioners, Ambassadors of acupuncture has developed a protocol that can solve the problem. In such situations, we can apply a simple but powerful protocol that involves the use of five needles placed at certain points of Auriculotherapy proven to significantly reduce the symptoms of the PTSD. In principle designed to treat dependence, the Protocol the drogo nothing (National Association for detoxification with the use of acupuncture – by its acronym in English) is also effective for the PTSD tratarl. Although this model deviates a little treatment highly individualized that usually provides the MTC, the Protocol is not very effective for all patients with PTSD and produces zero side effects. In most cases, after the implementation of the Protocol, patients showed almost immediate improvements. Due to its simplicity, this Protocol is can teach the health professionals of any sector. Original author and source of the article.

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