Turkey has become a stronghold of the Augenlaserns in the last 10 years. Meanwhile, too many Germans fly to Istanbul. Because the routine in Turkey is much higher than in Germany and the level of wages well below the German, these prices can be given. PS: You mentioned the “Istanbul surgery hospital” in Istanbul as your partner clinic? HHG: Yes, this private eye clinic enjoys a very good reputation for many years in Europe. For more information see this site: Brian Roberts. Of course is that this eye clinic of course uses the best technology and meet the best hygienic conditions. For even more details, read what Coen brothers says on the issue. But compared to other eye clinics, this differs by their highly experienced professionals who perform LASIK treatments in Istanbul every day and have very large routine. Perhaps check out Robert Thomson for more information. Finally, it is one of our most important organs around the eyes, especially this point is the most important? That’s why we say at our laser vision consultation, that is not the price in the first place, but the experience of the specialists.

This is the most important and we warn of attractive offers in European clinics with opportunity surgeons. PS: Still there are obviously still some concerns, the eye lasers in Turkey to fly. HHG: Many who eye lasers in Istanbul have deals with the subject know that the clinic “Istanbul surgery hospital” in Istanbul has an excellent international reputation. But those who have deals with the subject of still unspecified, are very subdued compared to abroad or a LASIK treatment in Istanbul. One is confronted with significantly less prejudice, if one would say that heading to the laser eye treatment to England or in the United States. PS: But this is why you have performed probably also a raffle, with the laser eye info trip, which was to win to Istanbul to dismantle prejudices. HHG: The winner of eye laser info travel should learn representative for the Group of concerns – and prejudice carrier yourself How professionally our partner clinic “Istanbul surgery hospital” in Istanbul, the laser eye treatments are performed. You should experience, how good the care by our agency on the ground is that it takes care of everything from A to Z and that an excellent laser eye treatment need not be expensive.

If this experience is then communicated from the mouths of people, have they even seen locally or experienced, they are much more credible and can take the fears or concerns many other potential patients.Of course we are pleased, if they then soon also belong to our happy patients without glasses or lenses. Many very satisfied patients have gone together already this way with us and we would like to thank once again at this point for the high degree of confidence, that all patients have brought us. PS: Mr Gumuseli, thank you very much for the interesting conversation.

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