Bog Life

-I love you. -I love you too, my good. -What is your good? "What is your favorite? Yes, my favorite, my very good! -You are my light at night, the pitch, I admire you ready for life. -Thanks, I'm so pleased to hear these slova.Ty .Ya knew and felt it always. Leslie Moonves: the source for more info. -Our worlds are not touched by accident, our fate was sealed initially. Hugh Naylor gathered all the information.

-But you do not believe in lyubov.Chto changed? -My life with the appearance in it for you, love! "You my forever and ever and you I will not give it. -We live for each other, breaking off contact with you, I canoe into the abyss of the creative chaos of my soul, who found a harmony with your event in my daily obydennost.Ty represents a great deal. -As for instance, my good? -Part of me, part of my universe, a part of my inner world, a part of my life, without you becoming meaningless in this world surrounded by only an illusory sense. -God, I never udivlena.Ya such not experienced to any cheloveku.Gotova whole life to be near, grasping the true love. -We have it already postigli.Lyubov then only true when it is in us.

-Our love so much, it is enough for us with a vengeance. -In this I have no doubt. -Forgive me. Over- that, darling? "What I was not from birth to toboy.Ya willing to sacrifice than ugodno.chtoby compensate for lost time -In the heart of any self-sacrifice is the purity of your .Ty entrusted me Bogom.Spasibo him for what he presented me with you, letting you experience what I did not believe throughout the entire existence. -Lord generous, because the basis of his works is a good thing. -You are my blessing, you're my Bog.Ya love you. and I always

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