Building One

The problem of heat insulation facilities for temporary accommodation is solved directly on the plant: Wall panels already contain insulation foam or mineral wool. For the device of the roof are used all the same sandwich panels, can withstand up to 150 kg/m2 snow and wind pressure up to 48 kgs/m2. Cabins of the sandwich panels can be applied to all climatic zones, they are designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions, including temperature extremes from -45 C to +45 C. The advantages of prefabricated Building One of the major arguments of huts for different purposes is the ease of their delivery to the installation site. Packed in a factory-set consisting of elements of the frame and veneer, easily placed in the truck. This means that the cabins of the sandwich panel is easy to carry, even in areas where there are railroad tracks or with limited access to them. This advantage is widely used and owners of suburban areas. While major construction is planned only until the drawings are designed home, calculates the amount of construction and finishing materials, people need somewhere to live.

And in this case prefabricated office container – the simplest and most effective solution. Building a house can not last one year, during which time a compact but roomy block module will serve as a place quite comfortable residence. In what unit module can be disassembled and taken off site, and can be converted into a charming guest house, summer kitchen, a comfortable santehkabiny – with shower and bath or even a safe room storage of garden tools. Universal application of the huts. Sandwich panels are strong, durable, not prone to corrosion and are not damaged by rodents. Buildings with a shell of this material can serve for decades, not requiring annual staining or other maintenance.

Residential buildings from sandwich panels – an inexpensive and practical solution both residential and utility room. Not for nothing they are used to organize traffic police posts and mini-stations on the suburban highways, retail outlets for selling food and household goods, items of cooking and eating. The company, Vesta offers a ready-made sets of huts on the metal framework with cladding sandwich panels. All items are thoroughly tested at the factory, and assemble them on the spot can be even without the help of professionals. Cabins of sandwich panels – are universal, and therefore demand a wide range of consumers. Affordable cost of these pre-fabricated buildings, ease of delivery and installation, easy assembly and disassembly of structures, if necessary, making these essential items during the construction temporary facilities for housing and employment. Cabins of sandwich panels – an option attractive for both large companies and organizations, as well as for individuals who use these buildings as holiday homes. A plant accessories turns a simple block-containers in the cozy and comfortable rooms, which may fairly long stay.

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