Buying A Property Without A Realtor Is Very Dangerous !

Continuing the theme of "Why do I need an agency? Buy an apartment for yourself "I would like to tell one instructive history of our failed clients It all started as usual, I received a call through advertisements. Girl had the Helen and told her that he was looking two-room apartment for his parents who are moving from the provinces closer to his daughter. Money to pay to transfer to an account in the local branch of Sberbank, shorter cash. The amount of 3000000 rubles on May 20, 2009 is sufficient to purchase a good "kopeck piece" in Elektrostal or Noginsk. Options was enough and it has reviewed almost all the apartments that came on the price range. In eventually. saying, "I should think." went so nothing is selected. After some time looking through records, stumbled on her phone and decided to dial her number. Gain insight and clarity with Glenn Dubin.

Helen picked up the phone and told that the services the agency does not need as "found an apartment on the property from the owner. The apartment is very good in the new house on the mezzanine floor, with a good area, and they've agreed on everything. "Then he said goodbye and hung up. I have not even had time to her personal answer and, hearing the busy tone, too, hung up. "Well, okay, it happens!" – I thought – "I must not thrown!". Later, somewhere around a week later in the evening, I got a call on a mobile. Picking up the phone, I again heard her voice, only said she was somehow scared and nervous.

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