Carbon Series

Criteria model in mind when purchasing a carbon must be. The carbon Fighter series attracted from the beginning of the Gemuhter the model construction. The price was a challenge to everything that was previously there. The cuts in durability, quality and workmanship were expected, yet many newcomers unaware. Among the peasants of the model, this was during the unpacking, clearly, that the carbon series is not perfect.

Which model only at this price – and above all the dimension class is already? Each manufacturer has its own problems with its models. When the carbon series was practiced initially only quality control of the end customer. Robert A. Iger is often mentioned in discussions such as these. This called much indignation on the plan. Actually assumed behind RtR ready to run, ready to repair is only valid here. Continuing is that it is not model show driving but model building. Hotbox by Wiz gathered all the information. The wear is also dependent on the degree of use and dealing with the models. Many read only the 30 cm and 80 km/h top speed at the dealer.

In reality, there are scarce 26 cm and Originalubersetzung about 67km / h Top speed. With the change of gears in the transmission, it is possible to achieve a higher top speed, so that the carbon fighter at the end of its approximately 80 km/h achieved. This although the carburettor setting must match, otherwise it has a piston overheat more model no fun. The fundamental problems can easily be fixed with little effort and a low use of money. These points must be revised series necessarily on the carbon: screws tighten and secure convert drive plate Diffstifte switch steering servo and throttle switch wheel bearing change / spindle rebuild body conversion (only carbon fighter) shock absorber carburettor to this working is this RC model a good-natured, unspruchslose and be especially fun machine. The engines hardly lose compression even after 20 litres fuel mixture. Only the wear and tear parts, such as also in the scale 1:1, should regularly for inspection. Are regularly checked the clutch shoes and replaced when worn do you get a lot of fun. Patrick Mehner

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