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Email Marketing is a practice of advertising used in the world of marketing, where e-mail is the means of dissemination. We know that marketing is the practice of methods to try to reach potential customers and convince them achieve as objective is fundamental, the sale of a product. So many words to say that it is email marketing. I think we understand, we can therefore continue. A leading source for info: Alloy. Within email marketing apply those emailes trying to persuade customer to buy a product, emailes which seek to strengthen certain relationship between customers and company, and email to submit banners, ads in the message. Celina Dubin, New York City brings even more insight to the discussion. It has shown that email marketing campaign has very good results, the investment is minimal and email can reach a lot of people at the same time.

If you realize the importance of email and as it arrives directly to the client, then knows the importance of having a mailing list. When a virtual business, a website with products we have to offer, we need to have a mailing list, where we will give information about our products and will be our potential clients. That is the internet marketing that works. Have an electronic newsletter, recommend products, give useful information to the user, share experiences, etc. For us that we participate in Marketing on the internet, we know that the basis of our business is without place to doubt our mailing list. But only a list is not enough, we need to expand the lists according to the market. When I speak of lists, I do not mean to mailing lists that I can sell on a CD. I am referring to potential customers, to lists that are focused on a specific range of products.

To run a list we need to create a communication with our subscribers, giving them a quality of information, give them what they ask for. Why every list has information that interests only to subscribers, focused to what they want, pamper them with what they want to hear! Do you consider difficult that? I have registered many lists, and almost always After a few emails, there is no sale, leave there post. But I got valuable information? Clear that do not. Only products and information that can one copy and paste from the web. Email Marketing goes far beyond a sale, we are talking about a lasting relationship, a relationship of trust and credibility. He is not required to bombard with advertising mailing list subscribers, it is recommend, suggest, give the opportunity to investigate potential client the virtues of the product, show the necessity of having the product to resolve the problem of not having it. Our mailing list must be very well filtered, we will not seek subscribers on a page of video games when we offer products for buses. We must find appropriate places to find new subscribers. That is something that we must put into practice. Reflect on your mailing list and if does not start to create a list. Of time to know your autoresponder to know the market, know towards whom are aimed their products.

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