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This allows the simple installation, configuration and maintenance. The security of the system is guaranteed by a 265 bit of end-to-end AES encryption. About m8 m8 capital Capital invests exclusively in mobile technology. The use of mobile technology brings profound changes: it increases use, availability and relevance of services, products and information. M8 capital supports entrepreneurs and companies that want to position themselves at the forefront of the mobile market. Among other things, invested m8 in Masabi, the technology leader for mobile rail ticketing, as well as in the recommendation Portal Rummble.

About malware, the malicious GmbH was founded in November 2007 by Christian Schad in Hamburg. MALWARE has a unique system for the mobile operation and monitoring of machines and control systems developed: extend 7000. This innovative system uses public wireless networks and provides mobile access to the systems, home and building automation control systems. Companies can save time with extend 7000 and target use of personnel resources. According to extend 7000 in various industries and sectors shall apply including, logistics, automotive, chemistry, building management, food industry, energy supply and oil & gas. MALICIOUS offers its product international and it cooperates with certified partner companies from Europe and North America.

Goal of the Hamburg-based company is to establish extend 7000 as the global standard for mobile access to programmable logic controllers. For more information about malicious under: about high-tech start-up Fund of the High-Tech Grunderfonds invests venture capital in young, promising technology companies, the promising research results commercially implement. With the help of the Seedfinanzierung, start-ups to the R & D projects to provide a prototype or a proof of concept”or lead to the market launch. The High-Tech Grunderfonds is involved in the Seedfinanzierung with 500,000 euros and can invest in subsequent rounds up to two million euros per company.

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