Female Professionals

Qualified women are not costs for companies, but winning is a goal more women in leadership. The potential of women should also be used in the economy”, says EU Commissioner Viviane Reding in her video message to the initiators of the women & work, use any clever head Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, we should on May 5 in Bonn instead finds. that we have. This is not feminism, but it makes sense economically.” Mrs Reding stressed the importance of women and work as a platform, because the challenges women encounter in their professional life need to be stronger in the consciousness and brought into networks.” They announced that the European Commission in the second half of the year will decide what measures would be needed across Europe to bring faster and more women in the boardrooms of the economy. I’m not a fan of the quota, but I like your results”, said the EU Commissioner. And we want the current comments on the action in leadership” in life seem to give their right called Melanie Vogel, initiator of women & work and PR – strategy consultant Astrid Brown Hall. I pretty quickly got the first management level.

Then a further rise is not granted for 15 years me although I have proven outstanding technical and leadership skills. Ultimately the agreed rate of women in our company has ensured that I (finally) adequate position come this year on one of my performance.” This and similar are dozens feedback from women, the glass ceiling encounter and experience that they can not develop their professional potential. A first intermediate result of the action we want to lead”clock in the context of the opening of the Congress, the women on May 5 from 10-11 & work presented. Picked up the results are also in the subsequent press conference by 12:30 13:30 in the plenary building in Bonn, place the participants of the press podium are United Nations 2.: Melanie Vogel. Initiator of the women & work, awarded the innovation price land of ideas”2012 Imke Keicher, Vice President Capgemini Consulting & Zukunftsforscherin Petra Reinholz, Managing Director of Adecco Personaldienstleistungen and main sponsor of the women & work Congress Helga Konig, Innovation Forum hosted the press conference by the strategy and PR consultant Astrid Brown Hall. “The video message from Viviane Reding online is available under: link to the action we want to lead”: voting information to the women & work:

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