Free Economy

The free market can only exist in an economy without monopolies or cartels. The officers involved have to Buffet be small, so you do not have funds great influence on prices or quantities. On the other hand, a market economy with free market is incompatible with a social or corporate groups to introduce rules and Ernst systems to support the weak, disrupting free competition.

Los Angeles Times
Fourth quarter data showed the hedge funds world’s second largest economy shrank 3.3 percent from the previous quarter. HONG KONG Most Asian overdraft stock markets investment management fell today, as new figures show the Japanese economy to its fastest pace investments in 35 years, and Group of Seven finance ministers warned that the global downturn will drag on through most of the year. European shares opened lower.
Since the start of the financial core melting, officials are facing a chicken and egg question: Can a healthy credit identifying the economy or a healthy economy, fix the credit markets “
February 14 (Bloomberg) – Group of Seven finance leaders pledged to restore confidence in financial markets and the growth of world economy, stopping short funds of spelling what would implement new policies to meet these objectives.
Investors are discouraged figures show the Japanese economy to its fastest pace in 35 years.

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