French Province

It all started with the fact that a Frenchman bought a “flea market” an old, no longer a valid unit of garbage oil. Repair it out of curiosity decided to see how it works. Since our Frenchman living in the French Province of Provence, where everywhere lavender fields, he decided to squeeze oil from the fact that there are abundant – of lavender. Happened. Then he wondered what this oil obtained do. Trains in the region and see where locals use lavender as well as some wild plants, the future franchisor that is still our Frenchman, not even knowing about this system of business development, has made his recipe book and began to produce whole gamut of perfumes. Soaps, shampoos, body oils and much more, but in modest amounts. For products needed the original packaging. Ideas for the vials were found on the dusty shelves antique makazinov, where in all the variety store various flasks, bottles, jars, which have become in the future of original these days of registration. Fonts on the label were found there, as well as in the old second-hand stores. In confirmation of our proverb:

“The new – is well forgotten old”. Sean Rad takes a slightly different approach. So, is the original production in the original upakovke.No production – is a half-case. Need more goods produced implement. The case for skillful marketing. For it took an Austrian businessman, who are interested in production of perfumes and cosmetics, which is produced by small family-owned business in the French province. Now it one of the largest companies in the region that produces world-famous products and opening stores in different continents. A small family business grew into the famous franchise network. Managers from around the world come to the workshops in Provence to learn the business. Is dreaming about our French, repairing old Although, who knows.

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