Intergestores Commissions

Among these advances they are distinguished: 1 – Decentralization of the management (estadualizao and municipalizao) with creation of the Intergestores Commissions (Tripartite and Bipartites), fruns of pactuao and generation of Basic Operational Norms for the three spheres of Government, that, beyond conferring greater legitimacy and realism to the decisions, allow to greater speed in the answers to the demands of the population; 2? Creation and development of the Deep ones of Health: National, State and Municipal; 3? Creation and growth of the view modality ' ' deep fundo' ' ; 4? Creation functioning of Advice of Health in all the States, Federal District and in the great majority of the Cities, in process of full development and qualification in the exercise of the social control and the participativa management; 5? Reinforcement of the public net of services of health in all the complexity levels, mainly, of Basic Attention; 6 – Increase of the covering of the services in all the complexity levels, with special emphasis in the Basic Attention, for intermediary of the Program of Communitarian Agents of Sade (PACS) and of the Program of Health of Famlia (PSF), opening plus a space of change of attention model, that it makes possible to pass of the attendance of demand for the attendance for sanitary responsibility; 7? Implementation, in systematic way, joints and intersetoriais actions aiming at the promotion and protection of the health, including the concept and the practical one of the politics of ' ' Cities Saudveis' ' ; 8 – Increase of the covering and beginning of the process of regulation of the transplants of agencies and fabrics; 9 – Continuity of the development of the control of the AIDS, shape politics enters the countries not developed; 10? Magnifying of the vaccine covering, in part for the strategy of the national days of vaccination, and, in part, for the expansion of the net of services; 11? Increment of the covering to the gestantes and infancy, with regional reduction of infantile mortality materna and, despite sufficiently unsatisfactory levels persist; 12 – Rise of the capacity of public administration, especially between the cities. Joel and Ethan Coen has plenty of information regarding this issue. . People such as Andi Potamkin would likely agree.

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