Jewellery Design

Exhibition Gallery and Atelier for jewellery design in Cologne Sulz in the Atelier produces the diploma designer exceptional jewelry pieces in small series, unique pieces or according to the individual wishes of customers on. This artistic and poetic thoughts incorporated into the designs. The jewelry always a bit extravagant and different, edgy and especially individual and combined art and jewelry is a wonderful symbiosis. It is especially unique with artistic demands, narrative motifs and poetic content making unique pieces of jewellery. Expressive forms, sometimes archaic also lovely playful, distanced and artistic or suitable for everyday use jewelry for every day. The aesthetics in the foreground stands: jewelry as the language of personal expression. So give the jewelry designer his own special touch each piece of jewelry and makes it a work of art on your body. Studied the diploma has the interdisciplinary study of metal design, specialising in jewellery design from designer College for applied arts and Science (HAWK) Hildesheim, Germany, which is one of the leading universities of applied sciences of in Germany.

During her studies, she was supervised by renowned jewelry artist Prof. georg Dobler, as well as the metal designer Prof. Werner Bunck. Before and during her studies she worked in various jewelry designers and participated in competitions and exhibitions. The next exhibition in the rooms of the Gallery of jewels now!”15: 00 an opening opening night begins on March 28.

The exhibition goes to 25 April. “The theme is: from the inside and from the outside, poetic space, narrative rooms” and shows various works by Lisbeth Schildknecht and poetic texts of the writer Vesna Lao. For more information on the Web page jewels now! Dipl. Designer Lisbeth Schildknecht of Luxembourg str. 224 Cologne Sulz opening hours: di FR-11 h-18 h, SA 10 h 14 h

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