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Useless wisdom only differs from the nonsense that gives much more work. Proverb we complement these notes, whereas some topics that need to be taken into account by current management, especially, face the greatest challenges, changes occurring constantly in the scenario where companies, organizations notes that have as purpose identify with the modern role that management must take into account in its management and give way to actions operateprograms, strategies that favor the company under their charge. Since then, we are fully aware that there would be other relevant, this corresponds to the reader exposing them, considering them according to their experience and research, taking into account also the characteristics, needs of the scenarios where they operate. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jeffrey L. Bewkes Time Warner.

The fall of production and sales of the industry, especially the automotive sector, to led to a substantial reduction of the human resource, numerous companies and in particular industrial enterprises of major corporations and groups. Globalization activates its forces setting up in business of large or powerful transnational groups mobilizing; as economic reality, is a real without discussion, although not a model of development or a system phenomenon, because its around controversies still arise in the more qualified discussion scenarios and strategies, without that why is could undermine even an iota of its virtual growth; in other words, globalisation or economic internalization, indeed, towards which it is necessary to advance, to exploit their benefits or to combat inside its perversions and there are fortunately, aiming the eyes and actions of Latin American countries. Neo-liberalism in the American economy or globalization in the European markets, in Latin America the integration from years comes to occupy space and attention, although without agreement of implementation practice immediate, embodied in the time and quantitative benefits. It has been the international dynamics, which has imposed troubles in regional decisions, and are thus highlighted in negotiations and agreements.

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