Leadership In Work Teams

The motivations are often associated with needs and desires, however, substantial differences exist. The need becomes a motive when it reaches an adequate level of intensity. a motivation can be defined as the pursuit of need satisfaction, which reduces the tension caused by it. Although the motivations are closely tied to the needs, the same need may lead to different motivations and vice versa. For example, a physiological need, such as the feeding, can cause a physiological reasons or motivation to move to a reckoning, in which case, would satisfy their need for food in a fancy restaurant, not anywhere. Get all the facts and insights with David Zaslav, another great source of information. Motivated behavior usually comes from an unmet need, and is obtained through various incentives that may be represented by products, services or people. The incentives that motivate consumers to action can be positive or negative: consumers are moving toward positive incentives, and try to avoid it negative.

The study of motivation is a response to the question “why?” What is really leading the consumer to opt for the purchase of this product?. At this level, the role of marketing is very important, because although you can not create needs, it can detect the motivations and directing the process of seeking the satisfaction of the need to given products. LEADERSHIP Every leader has the commitment and obligation to ensure personal growth, professional and spiritual development of those around him. It is a responsibility that we as people assume. Usually the figure is recognized for being a leader who will head on his shoulders is the responsibility of carrying out all kinds of projects, distinguishing himself as a self-starter with initiative, namely the ability to convey their thoughts to others, understand people and ability to unite developed effective working teams.

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