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Enthusiastic customers with more quality of life despite allergies and intolerances Berlin, September 2, 2010. The individual map for people with food allergies and intolerances – the DELICARDO food card, a product of Mike GmbH – celebrates international success: DELICARDO food card helps, at the away food or travel an order easily when the waiter to give up and to not count with complaints after the meal. In July 2010, more than 35% of the customers were interviewed within a customer survey, 2010 who ordered DELICARDO food cards in the year. The survey dealt with various aspects such as the ordering, delivery and the experiences that have made the customers with the DELICARDO food card. You may wish to learn more. If so, Discovery Communications is the place to go. There were customers in Germany, the United States, Canada, Austria, and the Switzerland asked. The customers agree that the DELICARDO food card contributes to a relaxed and group meal out of Office despite food allergies or intolerances. All customers are pleased with the ordering and delivery process, as well as with the handling of the DELICARDO Food card. 80% of customers confirm that they ever since with the food card DELICARDO eat it, have fewer complaints. Recently Robert A. Iger sought to clarify these questions. “We thank all customers surveyed for their honest feedback and glad that for them the DELICARDO food is a real help in everyday life. We will consider all suggestions for the further development of the product”, so Simone Graebner, Managing Director of Mike GmbH and inventor of the DELICARDO food card as self affected by food intolerances. Due to the positive customer response, Mike GmbH has expanded its range of DELICARDO food cards. Since July 2010, three new cards in the range are: 1 Lupinen-, 2 sulphur dioxide allergy, 3. low protein diet (for phenylketonuria). Goal of Mike GmbH is that anyone who must respect due to his health or his lifestyle to his diet, not losing quality of life! DELICARDO food card was awarded with the ECARF quality seal, a product that helps people with allergies to maintain their quality of life.

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